Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Review - Clippopotamus Pant Clippos

I recently had the opportunity to try out a neat product from Clippopotamus - the Pant Clippo!

This sweet little clip device is designed to do battle with saggy pants by clipping them to fit snugly at the waistband. What a great find for this mom of a tall skinny guy! Little Boo is a little older now, and most of his jeans (his pant of choice) have adjustable waistbands. But, when he was a toddler we had a horrible time finding clothes to fit him, and his pants were always sliding down over his butt.  He would need a 24month size for the length. but wouldn't even fill out an 18 month size around the waist. So, since we didn't have pant clippos then, I searched high and low to find a belt for him.

Can I just say here that toddlers and belts don't mix? They aren't comfortable. And they wreak havoc on toilet training.

This is a much better option to a belt.  I loosened a pair of jeans to try out the pant clippo with Little Boo. It clipped on easily and held in place for the about 4 hours he had it on, It stayed in place when he went to the washroom and pulled his pants off and on.  I also tried it with a pair of sweatpants (no adjustable waist there - size 5 for length, size 4 for waist. Shoot me!) Clippo kept the pants in place no problem. I couldn't quite get the clip to stay totally flat, but it didn't show or get in the way from under his t-shirt.

Little Boo really liked the design on his Clippo and has decided it's a fun toy. He likes to play with the clipping action. I really wish we had these when he was smaller!

Clippopotamus uses a variety of lovely fabrics to make their products. The Pant Clippos come in 11 different designs for both girls and boys, and cost just $9 each.

Although these are designed with skinny bottoms in mind, to keep those pants up, I think these would also be a sweet addition to a little girl's loose dress, to clip it in a bit at the back. A pretty accessory for a pretty girl!

Check out the full line of Clippopotamus products from this all-Canadian, mom-owned, small business at their website: http://www.clippo.ca/

*Disclosure: I received a free Pant Clippo to try out in return for this review. The review presents my own, real experience with this product. I was not compensated in any other way.

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  1. Anonymous1:18 pm

    OMG I totally need to get one of those! Lily has the extact same problem and right now I'm fretting b/c the weather is getting colder and her "capri" pants (pants that fit around the waist but are way too short in lengh) won't cut it anymore. Great review!


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