Saturday, November 20, 2010

Parent-Teacher Interviews - What I Learned

Pretty exciting week around here. We had our first parent-teacher interview for Little Boo.  Sadly we have to wait til February for his first report card from JK, but we really appreciated the chance to meet with his teacher and get a peek into his life at school, and to make sure everything's going ok.

Things she told us about Little Boo:
- he reads about 2 grade levels higher than expected
- but he doesn't correct her when she skips something in a book, and doesn't dominate the classroom even when he knows the answers
- he loves music and instruments
- he is a lady's man
- he has issues with invading others' personal space (I have next to no personal space, so he may get this from me - we'll have to work on that)
- he is popular with the other kids (yay!)
- he is funny and likes to make people happy
- he is stubborn (but so is she, and she said this with a smile on her face)
- he is improving with transitions
- he is very kind
- he likes to move

So, pretty much a lot of stuff we already knew about our little darling. But it's so nice to know he is fitting in fine in the classroom and not being disruptive. We were a little worried about that with his apparent ADHD. Teacher seems to like him just fine and appreciates his personality.

Plus she's stubborn enough to put him in his place when necessary too.  It's all good :-)


  1. Ha. Love that he's a ladies man. Very sweet! Am I getting that you hate the new progress report too? I have heard that from dozens of people..


  2. Well, we haven't seen one for the wee one yet, but I wasn't too thrilled with the Teenager's report. Not enough detail for my liking. Satisfactory? Yeah, ok.

    But then, I do admit to being a control freak, and knowledge is power ...

  3. Hahah! That's awesome that he's a ladies man! It must be so refreshing to have a teacher like that working with your son. My nephew is on the spectrum for autism and can be a handful at times. His current teacher has zero tolerance for him and instead of working with him, she constantly sends him home. It's sad really.
    Your son sounds like he's doing really well and I bet that you are super proud.


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