Monday, November 29, 2010

Tickled Pink

Well, didn't the nicest thing ever just happen to me?  I am totally honoured, and massively surprised, that fellow Canadian blogger, Kimberly from All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something, has chosen me, along with a group of fab bloggers she follows, to receive this:

The Irresistible Blog Award. I mean, how cool is that? (Maybe I'm doing something right after all? Someone's reading me anyway ...)

Thank you so much Kimberly! You made my week and I will try hard to live up to this honour.

Now, it's my turn to pass along the love and recognise a couple of blogs that I find "Irresistible."

This award goes to three blogs and bloggers I heart -  Joy at MamaJoy, Lisa at Forever in Mom Genes and Maija at Maija's Mommy Moments. So ladies - thanks for keeping me entertained and educated. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences and insights. Keep up the great work!

And, as Kimberly asked of me, all I ask is that you think about passing on the love and recognizing your irresistible blogs.



  1. Total confirmation of what I already knew. Glad the world is starting to recognize. :) Thanks for the shout out

  2. How nice for you. No sweeter lady deserves to be recognized.

  3. You totally deserve it Momma ;)


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