Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Traditions - Part Two: Visitors, Family & Friends

Sharing the holiday love with family and friends was huge for us when I was growing up. There was a pretty specific rotation and schedule of whom we visited when, but there were always new twists each year. I'm not sure how my parents kept up with it all to be honest. They were constantly bundling us in and out of the car and heading from one end of town to the other and back for about a week.

The one time we were always home was Christmas Eve. We were the gathering place. Everyone came to us for food and drinks and exchanging of gifts. We kids were spoiled. But it was the fun and laughter and music that meant the most. There was always roast moose and chips & dip and masses of cookies. As the years went on, the party moved to my grandparents' basement apartment downstairs (the other set of grandparents, who moved in with us). The music and singing would keep on past midnight and there would be more food than anyone could possibly eat. So much love in the house!

Christmas Day meant a visit to my great-grandmother's house for a big family evening gathering including the lighting of the pudding. Quite exciting to see, but I never liked the pudding. Might have been all the brandy soaked into it. It was a traditional English pudding, that hung in her doorway in a paper bag for heaven knows how long prior to Christmas to "cure" or whatever puddings do.

But before getting there, we had great-aunts and grandparents and family friends to visit. Christmas Day was always a whirlwind of fun. And Boxing Day brought more of the same. Such a fabulous time to reconnect.

Tomorrow, I'll talk a little about my own family's Christmas traditions. It's a little different now, especially as a step-mom!

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