Friday, December 17, 2010

Marketing Fail

I think the only reason I'm blogging this is to give Scott Stratten some more fodder. This is maybe a subtle "fail," but I think a real opportunity was lost here.

Apparently the dealership where we bought our last vehicle is closing. As of today. First we heard of it was yesterday, in a letter from the salesperson who sold us the car. Whatever, maybe it was sudden. We were there fairly recently for an oil change and inspection.

So our salesperson is apparently now moving to their sister dealership, which is a fairly substantial distance away, but not pack a lunch far. And he's offering us a free oil, lube & filter. That's nice enough - he gave us a number to call to arrange it.

But the letter? Totally generic, addressed to "Dear Customer." Given that the envelope was addressed to us, how hard would it have been to run a mail merge and insert "Dear Ms. Raising My Boys"? An opportunity to make us feel special is lost, but not a huge deal. I didn't think much of it.

Then this morning, the phone rang. I picked it up and after a brief pause I heard, "Hi, it's Mr. Salesperson..." So I naturally said "Hi!" And the voice kept on talking. Sigh. Another annoying computer-recorded message wasting my time. Not only that but the message thanked us for being his customers for "a very long time." Yeah. We bought one car 18 months ago. Not so much.

He is trying to keep us with him. He is trying to let us know what's going on. But he is missing some very easy opportunities to personalise his message and make us want to listen. It's that "easy" part that gets me. He put this much effort in, it wouldn't take that much more to go to the next level.

Maybe I should send him Scott's book for Christmas.


  1. Oh that is a big fail! Maybe it is going uder rather suddenly....I hope all the sales people were able to find jobs:(

  2. Yes, I thought about that. My impression is that staff and inventory went to the sister dealership, but I'm not 100% sure everyone was looked after. Any time of year is hard to lose your income, but this is particularly bad.


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