Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Day I Found Out I Was Pregnant

Ooh! I love today's Bloggy Moms Blog Dare prompt.  We had been trying unsuccessfully for years to get pregnant, including fertility treatments, so the day I found out I finally was pregnant, well, it was huge.

It was at the end of the day, and we'd just gotten home from work. I do admit I can't remember what I was doing that I came into the house so long after hubs. When I came in the door he had already started the spaghetti sauce. And as soon as I smelled it, I gagged. My stomach turned completely over.

And I knew. Right then.

So, I disappeared to the downstairs washroom where I kept my stash of pregnancy tests. And I peed on one. And there was the tiniest, faintest-ever second line. Honest there was. And hubs told me I was imagining things.

But I knew.

A couple of days later it was Friday. And I REALLY wanted a drink when we got home from work. Crap day. But, I was sure I was pregnant, in spite of the really almost invisible, but I'm sure it was there, line. So I peed on another stick.

And this time? This time, although it was still pretty light, even hubs couldn't mistake it.  I sat there and I stared at it. Then I put it down. And picked it up. And stared again.  I left the bathroom and looked at hubs and said "Congratulations!" and held out the stick and started to cry. Just a little.

It was so amazing and overwhelming and exciting and scary and everything. I did throw the test in the garbage, but I probably hauled it back out for a peek at least a dozen times. I briefly thought about keeping it, but then decided that would be gross. Eww, pee!

I called my obs/gyne on Monday and her receptionist congratulated me and told me to come right over for the official blood pregnancy test and to set up an appointment schedule.

And the rest, as they say, is history :-)


  1. partymomma10:31 pm

    aww!! I always had the 'i know i am' feeling too.

  2. Ahhhhhh, probably one of the most exciting, yet terrifying and completely surreal moments a human can have. I miss peeing on a stick.

  3. "Do I really see it? Is that a line?!" "Wow! Yay!


    "Oh holy crap now what have I gotten myself into?????"


  4. Same here. Total excitment and then the paralyzing fear of what have we done. And who thought we were mature enough to raise a child? :)

  5. The first testi took was a faint line...but I knew. Husband was in disbelief so we had waited a few more days ands sure enough ;)

  6. Disbelief or denial? LOL That was my thought when hubs wouldn't believe my faint line


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