Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Koba Entertainment - Max & Ruby Presale Info

Just a little treat for my readers.  Any Max & Ruby fans out there? Little Boo loves this show, and it's actually one that I can watch with him without wanting to claw my eyes out. It does drive me crazy that there seem to be no parents in their lives, and nearby Grandma only visits periodically, but the show is cute and fun and teaches some good lessons. The sibling love and reliance on helping each other is really great. And I love how the mischievous and sometimes annoying (to Ruby) Max is generally right in the end.

Koba Entertainment is presenting a Max & Ruby "Bunny Party" travelling musical this spring. The show will come to Toronto on Saturday, April 16, 2011,at the Sony Centre. Showtime is 1:00pm. Tickets officially go on sale on January 22nd, but Koba has passed along a presale code we can use to purchase tickets early, from 10AM January 18th until 10PM January 21st.

To get in on this presale, you can use the code SIBLINGS to purchase your tickets at www.ticketmaster.ca during the presale period. For the Toronto show, those who purchase tickets during the presale period will be entered to win a meet and greet backstage with the cast. Pretty cool.

Disclaimer: Well, there really isn't one. I haven't been compensated for this promo, but I would like to pass along the presale code to my readers :-) It's good to share!


  1. Thanks! I like Max and Ruby too. Tim the geek that he is likes to research the shows as he too was miffed that there was no parents around. They aren't around because they show how kids can resolve problems on their own without adult intervention.

  2. Hmmm. I still want to call children's aid ;-)


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