Monday, January 10, 2011

Michael Monday!

Well, I have to give up my special mommy bloggy day today, in favour of my sweet Little Boo. You see, this is Michael's 5th birthday. Yup, my little man is growing up, and we are all so proud of the lovely little guy he's growing into.

I blogged here last year about my feelings on his 4th birthday. Feeling similar now - nostalgic, a little melancholy, full of pride and love.

This year he has started and thrived in Kindergarten. He reads like a champ (late first grade level, according to his teacher), counts to 100, does simple math. He has lots of friends and displays so much love for them. He can ride a bike and get his own juice box from the fridge and bring Mommy a beer when she's working in the garden. (It's important to teach him the basic life skills.) He is seriously into music and is always singing and dancing, and asks about the names of songs and bands on the radio. (Daddy's dream come true!) He loves to draw and has shown amazing development in his images. We are drowning in pictures of people and trains and bridges and TV characters and flowers. And we love it!

Little Boo still loves video games and the computer, of course. He can set himself up and find his favourite sites and shows, although he hasn't mastered passwords and logins yet (just his password for starting Windows). He loves the Zoo and going for walks and playing outdoors. He really loves to help out and is truly proud of himself when he can. He gets so excited when he learns to do something new and develops new "big boy" skills. So do we.

This morning I asked him "How old are you today?" He answered, "5!" with the biggest grin on his face ever. While he was getting dressed he asked me, "Am I too big for hugs now, Mommy?" I smiled and told him, "You're never too big for hugs from your Mommy. Even when you're a big man I will want my hugs." And he jumped into my arms.

I really hope that doesn't change anytime soon.

Happy Birthday Little Boo! xoxoxoxoxo Mommy


  1. Happy birthday to the not so little guy. They grow up too fast

  2. Happy Birthday Michael! They really do grow up too fast.

  3. Thanks ladies! He had such a great day. We went out to ESM (his fave) for his b'day dinner tonight and they put a sparkler in his mini ice cream cones and sang to him. He was delighted!!

  4. Centre of attention. I don't know ANY five year old who wouldnt love that!


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