Monday, January 17, 2011

Mommy Mondays - Coffee Crisis Averted

Anyone who knows me knows that I have an unhealthy addiction to coffee. Specifically coffee, not just caffeine in general - only coffee will do! I simply cannot function without coffee in the morning. Preferably two cups. Then I'm generally good for the day. There was a time in my past (grad school) where I drank more than a pot myself each day, plus probably 3 or 4 Mountain Dew. I went to school in the States, where Mountain Dew is caffeinated, and has a higher caffeine content than wussy old cola. Yum. I also used to drink cappuccino before bed at night.

Yeah, that was bad. I went cold turkey to break that addiction, and that was worse. Believe me, you didn't want to know me during that detox.

Anyway, my two coffees to get me going each morning doesn't sound so bad now, does it?

Well, if you follow me on Twitter you may have seen my panic last Saturday morning when my Tassimo stopped working. Crap! I lovelovelove that machine, and am totally dependent on my weekend morning lattes. Hubs doesn't drink coffee on the weekends, and I hate to make a big pot for just me. (I might drink it all ...)

Anyway, a little light I'd never seen lit up before had lit up the week before. And I ignored it. Because, well, I'm busy. Or something. The machine was still making lattes, so who cared, right? Well, I cared a big lot once the power light also came on and brewing stopped. Right in the middle of brewing. Crap! Manual says to descale. Double crap! I have no descaling solution and can't find the service disk. There was much drama and googling and crazed tweeting and generous help and advice from many wonderful online friends. Then @hullabaloo519 & @duriajrami pointed out that the disk would normally be stored in the machine, behind the water tank. Doh! Perhaps, if I'd had a coffee before this had happened, I might have been functional enough to figure that one out myself.

I finally found time to hit Home Outfitters, recommended source for descaler, this weekend. I walked in the store, and it was like they knew I was coming. Right there at the front was a big display of Tassimo machines, disks, descaler, and something that has become my newest toy:

Isn't it beautiful? This disk carousel has made this Mommy a very happy Mommy.  My disks are all organised and everything takes up so much less space. Now, with just four columns, I've had to double up on varieties in each one, but since Tassimo colour-codes the disks, it's easy to grab the right one.

Thankfully, descaling worked. An awful lot of really gross stuff came out of my machine, and the descaling light refuses to go off, but I am back in business, making the best single-serve coffee around.


*note - a few folks told me they had the same problem with the light staying on after the cleaning - anyone have a solution to this? It's mostly just annoying, but it also means I will have to REMEMBER to descale again at some point, before the machine craps out at another awkward moment.


  1. I am a coffee addict too. I usually make a pot with 8 cups and I drink the whole damn thing. You would think I could just make less but no.

  2. If it's there, I will drink it :-) That is a big reason I love the Tassimo. Plus the fact that it's so easy to make yummy espresso based drinks.

  3. We found the carousel about a week after getting our Tassimo. Love it thought we also have to double up to fit it all in. Doesn't matter though, still way better than tons of boxes lining the counter.


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