Saturday, January 01, 2011

Resolutions and Me

Happy 2011! I'm still a little shocked that 2010 is over and we're in January already. And in a bit of denial that I have to go back to the 9-5 on Monday. Between Little Boo getting sick and then our holiday closure, I've been off for 2 and a half weeks, and I'm very much getting used to it.

Lots of my friends have been talking about making New Year's Resolutions. It is something that I used to do every year. I would even put my resolutions in writing and pin them up by my desk or carry them in my purse to remind myself and (in theory) to keep me on track.  But I gave up probably a decade ago. Some resolutions stuck, some didn't. Some caused too much anxiety when I failed. And I have to say that this is not my best time of year. Once we get past my birthday later this month, I go into a bit of a slump right through February and into March. So it's not a great time of year for me for motivation and making changes. I mostly just need to focus on soldiering through and getting to the brighter days and warmer weather.

These days my resolutions may be made at any time of the year when I see the need for a change. It's a bit like how I feel about Valentine's Day I guess - why wait for one arbitrary day a year to show your love? or to start out on a new path or try a new skill?

In general, I've been resolving to be a more patient mother, and a more present friend. I've been working on getting out of the house more, networking and learning, both to help me figure out what my next career steps might be, and to create some balance and "me time" in my life. This directly feeds into my ability to become a more patient mother!  These are the types of things I expect to continue working on in 2011, but I don't consider them Resolutions. Just good decisions I made for myself and my family over the past many months.

What about you? Do you make New Year's Resolutions? And, if you do, could you share some here?


  1. mentioned being a more present friend. I beg to ask what you mean by that since I too have decided that I need to be more present for my friends as well. More specifically my BF who read a post about my other BF and felt kind of miffed about it (which is totally understandable)
    This past year and then some, me and my BF have seen a lot of things go on between us. My back issues, my pregnancy, my postpartum depression, her pregnancy and her working 12 and sometimes 16 hours a day....we've kind of come unglued. I love her with all of my heart and we had a discussion about it yesterday and we promised each other to work harder at our friendship since we have sord of moved apart.
    Anyhoodles, happy new year!

  2. Hi Kimberly! I'm glad to hear you and your friend are talking and working on your friendship. It is so easy to drift apart for no really good reason other than life getting in the way. A great friendship is worth working on. Good for you!!

    I don't have a specific event or issue to point to, but I feel I've become a little too absorbed in my own "problems" this past year. I talk about me too much, and don't listen enough, or with enough attention. My friends deserve more.


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