Sunday, February 20, 2011

They're just costumes, Mommy!

Tomorrow is Family Day in Ontario. I'm very much appreciating the extra day off work. But I feel obliged to do something special with the day. An outing of some sort to celebrate.

The National Home Show is on, and they are making Family Day kid-friendly, with free babysitting and face-painting, and an appearance by Bob the Builder. I thought maybe this would be something we could do. Especially as I just really want to go to the Home Show. So I asked Little Boo what he thought.

Me: "I was thinking maybe we could go to the Home Show tomorrow."
Him: moaning
Me: "But, Bob the Builder will be there!"
Him, rolling his 5yo eyes: "I know it'll be just a costume, Mommy."


Me: "What do you mean? Why don't you think the real Bob will be there?"
Him: "Remember when we saw the Toopy & Binoo show that time? They were costumes too."
Me: "How do you know?"
Him, getting frustrated with me: "Their mouths stayed open the whole time! Besides, they're not real life. They're just on TV."
More eye rolling.

What happened to the innocence of youth? Willing suspension of disbelief?? Willingness to play along with Mom to make her feel like your childhood is not slipping away too fast???

Sigh. Anyway, I think that put the ki-bosh on the Home Show for tomorrow. I'll go one evening this week. Alone. Or at least without the family tagging along.

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