Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Valentine's our way

Did y'all have a fun Valentine's Day yesterday? I have to say it's not my favourite holiday. Have never really been a fan. But I remember when my brother and I were little, my parents always got us a little heart-shaped box of chocolates each. That was pretty special. So I've always gotten something small for our boys too.

For us it's not about hubs and I having a romantic dinner. I neither expect nor want flowers or chocolates or jewelery for myself. We can celebrate being in love at any time. Valentine's has always seemed too manufactured for me. But I love that it exists. Because there'll be discount chocolate the next day!! Yumm-o.

Such a cynic.

Anyway. Yesterday hubs surprised me with a card from Little Boo and a card from him. Needless to say I had bought nothing for hubs.Oops.

I considered making Valentine's cards for the two of them (I was home yesterday, since I worked on the weekend.) We certainly have enough craft supplies around here. But then I thought of something a little more fun and tasty -

And easy too, I might add.
Yes, they are "Holiday" Rice Crispies, but I think they worked just fine.

I made a full batch of the cookies, and patted most of it into a small pyrex dish. I kept back a big ball of the mixture, divided it in half, and shaped it free-form, by hand. Well-greased hands (lots of butter) was key to success. I came out with two big hearts that I decorated with tubes of icing. I am definitely not a decorator, but my hubs and Little Boo were impressed, and that's all that matters. I worked the mixture on parchment paper, and then cut out a heart shape around each cookie to display it. With more planning, I would have looked for heart shaped paper doilies at the craft store.

Here is Little Boo's loot:

They were both surprised and delighted when they got home and saw their treats.
Also, Little Boo received some glittery, heart-shaped foam stickers from his teacher. They transformed him into a superhero - the Heart Menace! (I have no idea either, don't worry)
His superpower? He shoots heart beams from the palms of his hands to make people love each other. Kinda like Cupid, but without the painful arrows in the butt. Pretty sweet hey?


  1. They look awesome. I didn't even notice that they were holiday rice krispies until you mentioned it.

    I just learned recently that if you wet your hands with cold water that's all you need to shape and/or spread rice krispie squares.

  2. Anonymous10:51 am

    Very cute! I love rice krispie treats!

  3. Anonymous9:52 pm

    They look great and what a little cutie!

  4. Haha! Do Rice Krispies ever go bad?
    Love that idea and looks like it was a hit!!


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