Thursday, March 17, 2011

Disney On Ice - Toy Story 3

Thanks to and Feld Entertainment, hubs and I took Little Boo to see Disney On Ice - Toy Story 3 on Tuesday night. I was very happy to be the winner of a family pack of tickets to see this show. And we had awesome seats! Up high enough to get a great angle, and right at centre stage :)

Little Boo was massively excited to see the show. And to get some souvenirs and popcorn! We were a little anxious as he had been too scared by the monkey to finish watching the movie. But thankfully there was no monkey on the ice, though we did hear him over one scene.

Mickey, Minnie, Donald and Goofy introduced both the first and second acts (yes, there's an intermission/pre-schooler pee break built in). They also came out for a final parting routine with the whole cast. Since Little Boo is so in love with Mickey, this was super.

The first act has scenes from all three Toy Story movies, including a version of Buzz and Woody in the toy machine with the green aliens, but threads it all with the Toy Story 3 plot. The second act finishes out the story of #3. Overall the skating was great, the music fun (lots for Mom & Dad - classic rock and 80s abounded), and the energy high. The second act started out a little slower and certainly had some darker and scarier parts (just like the movie).  But it ended on the expected high energy note.

A part I found particularly scary was a scene depicting the toddlers playing with the toys in the daycare. A set of huge cut-out children slowly and surely advance on the characters, with darker music and lighting. Freaked me a little, and Little Boo seemed to tense up, but said he was fine.

I loved Barbie's work-out scene and the outfit modelling with Ken.  And I have to say that Woody was perfect. He had the perfect amount of floppiness and fluid motion to make you believe he was a doll. And I have the utmost awe for the skaters who portrayed the four-legged characters. Amazing how the two individuals moved and worked as one. On skates! Seriously cool.

Sadly, I was not getting good images with my iPhone, but here is one that I salvaged:

When we were having our bedtime chat, I asked Little Boo what his favourite part of the show was. He answered, "That's too hard for me, Momma. Every part was my favourite part." Nice! I also asked him if there  were any parts he found scary, and he said no. He commented on hearing the monkey and said even that was ok.

This show is running until Sunday, March 20, at the Rogers Centre.  Tickets through Ticketmaster. And if you are buying tickets, please consider using the code TANNER. With this code, $2 per ticket will be donated to support Tutus for Tanner and finding a cure for Muscular Dystophy. See a great show and do some good too. Why not?

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