Monday, March 28, 2011

Letters from my boy

I found this in Little Boo's book bag Sunday night:

Heart Melt!!
(especially after the weekend spent away from him)

They have been practicing the art of letter writing in kindergarten.  There is a big display of the works on the bulletin board outside their classroom, and so I had seen one letter from him already.  The kids have written their letters to a variety of friends and family, mostly mommy and daddy though.  One of my faves is from one of the boys, asking one of the girls if she will please be his "bestest" friend. Love it! One of the girls wrote her letter to "Dear Mommy, Daddy and my sister, I love you." For the record, I happen to know she has a brother too. Just sayin'.

Michael's reads, "Dear Mommy, I love you. And I like the way you sing. Love, Michael." That is followed by lots of hearts and flowers. SO sweet.

Anyway, I bumped into his teacher this morning, and she gave me the back story on his latest letter. On Friday he really wanted to write to me again during activity time. So she gave him this worksheet to do the drawing and letter. He went off and she went about her business. After a while he came up to her and said, "I need love." So, naturally, she hugged him. He kinda looked at her funny and said, "No! The WORD 'love'." She had apparently written out a number of words on cards that the kids might need the spelling for in composing their letters. He couldn't remember how to spell "love" and needed the LOVE card to help him. She cracked up :-)


  1. Love this! Awwwwwsome! Makes me remember the adorable notes from my two sweethearts when they were little.

    Pam @writewrds

  2. Anonymous8:23 pm

    So sweet! You gotta love those little notes and pictures!

  3. I just read the post now. I love it. :)


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