Saturday, March 12, 2011

March Break Fun

OK, so March Break doesn't really mean anything to us at this stage. Little Boo is only in JK and spends the part of the day he isn't there in daycare in the school. So next week is much like any other, except he won't go down the hall to another room for 3 hours each afternoon. Well, I guess he will, just to a different room. Because he doesn't nap, he will spend nap time with the school agers in their room. Exciting!! And they have a couple of field trips next week, one of which involves taking a TTC streetcar. Needless to say, he will be wearing his Mabel's Labels 411 bracelet that day.

Anyhoo. I did decide to do some special March Break type stuff with him this weekend, seeing as I am not staying home to play next week.

I began the day though with a little treat for Mommy - manis and pedis with my girlfriends this morning.
Four of us went. We were sitting separately, but tweeting and texting each other the whole time of the pedicures. Totally fun!

But then it was Mommy-Baby time.

I was thinking a movie, but he said no. So we went somewhere new - Reptilia! This is a reptile zoo just north of Toronto, in Vaughan. They do educational programs, birthday parties, camps, and they have a 25,000 square foot exhibit area with a small theatre and over 200 reptiles and amphibians. It was a 5 year-old boy's dream! They have a huge Nile crocodile, 49 years old and 14 feet long. He was stunning. There are more types of snakes and lizards than I could name. We were lucky enough to be there for a crocodile feeding (not the big guy, a couple of juveniles). The keeper was in the enclosure with them, feeding them rats with the help of a very long stick. She had to keep pushing them off the dock she was standing on with her foot. The crocs were jumping up out of the water to reach their lunch.The kids loved it!

We saw two shows in the theatre, a snake show and a reptile show. Little Boo got to touch 3 snakes, a lizard, an alligator, and a turtle. He was so brave and excited. He stood right up when the keeper asked if there were any questions. He wanted to comment on the feel of the snakes' skin - bumpy and smooth and dry.
Admission for children age 4-12 is $10, $15 for adults (13+), $12 seniors. They also have discounted admissions for special needs guests and their caregivers $7.50. Check out their website for more details.

After Reptilia, we still had some time to kill, but I was feeling tired. So, we stopped at IKEA. I immediately deposited him in Playland, where he played video games for a bit, then entertained himself in the ball pit, while I went upstairs to the restaurant, and enjoyed a quiet tea and piece of cake. Yum. 40 minutes of peace and relative quiet. At least none of the noise or cries of "Mommy!" were directed at me. He had a blast, I relaxed. If IKEA kept the kids in there longer, it would actually be an even greater deal. But 40 minutes isn't even enough time to do your shopping and get checked out. Ah well. It's free entertainment for the kids, and Mom can do a little browsing or get a cheap snack for herself in the meantime.

Tomorrow we are headed to a Maple Syrup Festival. Little Boo has been talking about it all week. Probably because I mentioned both wagon rides and maple sugar candy. I'll let you know how that one goes. I'm just really hoping the weather cooperates!

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  1. You are a brave mom! I don't know if I would be into going to Reptilia. :)


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