Saturday, March 12, 2011

Springing Forward

I am so very ready to spring forward, out of this winter season. I am done with the cold and the snow and the yuck.

I truly am a summer girl. My garden is crying for me from under this white mess. Honest.

And we're almost there. The official start of spring is within our sights, just 9 days away. And tonight, we reclaim some daylight into our conscious day by springing forward into daylight savings time. Which of course means the screwing up of bedtime routines for the wee ones. Though it may encourage some later sleeping in the mornings for them as well. If we're lucky. (A mom can hope, right?)

I actually find it humourous now, as a mom of a wee one, to speak of "losing an hour's sleep." Yeah. Like we have any control over how long we sleep now. The sleep control is in the hands of the children, and all parents understand that. It's the weekend, so we are not a slave to the alarm clock anyway, but rather to the whims of the short people living in our homes. The kids are still going to sleep for their usual too short amount of time and come bounding in to wake Mommy and Daddy regardless of what the alarm clock or our internal clock says. So that part is kind of irrelevant.

But tomorrow the sun will set "later." And we can start to dream of late night BBQs on the balmy back deck, with friends and cocktails. We can begin to imagine enough daylight at the end of the day for a bike ride with the kids after dinner. Things are looking up.

So tonight, before you go to bed, remember to set your clocks ahead one hour. (The official switch is at 2am I think. But seriously, unless you were feeding an infant or settling a toddler after a nightmare, when was the last time you saw 2am???)  And don't forget, for safety's sake, to also take this opportunity to change the batteries in your smoke detectors. And CO detectors. And maybe your home alarm sensors.

How many batteries is that? It doesn't matter. It's important. So, go to Walmart or Future Shop or wherever, and pick up a load of batteries today. Change the batteries in all of your home safety devices, Your family is worth it.

And on that note, I am going to go and buy some stock in Energizer .......

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