Monday, April 11, 2011

Mommy Mondays - I sick

I've pushed myself too hard.

I've stressed too much.

I've ignored my body and what it's been saying to me.

I've tried to be everything to everybody.

You know, I've been a Mom.

And now I am good and truly sick. Sick like my husband gets (or says he gets). Sick to the point of sleeping from 2:30 pm yesterday til 7:00am today, then going back to sleep til noon. Sick to the point of missing work and missing play and missing life on a lovely spring day.


I'm trying to ignore the things that need to be done around here and focus on me and what my body is asking for. I'm trying real hard. At least this is where one benefit of being a working mom comes in - I can send the wee one off to school and daycare and get some rest for myself. I know I'm lucky there.

So, I'm off for another NeoCitran and back to bed with my box of tissues and big glass of water.
Bets on whether I can ignore the laundry that needs putting away and the dishwasher that needs emptying?

Mommy does not like being sick :(

1 comment:

  1. Aww...feel better soon. Be a man and ignore all the chores around you that need to be done will you recoup. :)


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