Thursday, April 28, 2011

Review - Mabel's Limited Edition Camp Combo

I've written before about how much I love Mabel's Labels.The designs and quality are excellent and I rely on them daily. So I was really intrigued about a month or so back when Caitlin (@mabelhood) mentioned that they had a new product coming out. I jumped at the chance to check it out. The day my package arrived Little Boo and I gathered 'round to open it together. He loves his labels too! This is what we found:

The new Mabel's Limited Edition Camp Combo Pack! For $39.95 you get everything you need to label all the gear your child will need at camp - the clothes, the footwear, the backpacks, the toiletries, etc. - making sure it all finds its way home. With shoe labels for 4 sets of footwear, for instance, you can get your kid's name on their sneakers, water shoes, rain boots, AND sandals! Two bag tags will identify their backpack and their duffle bag. While toothbrush & paste, clothes and sleeping bag are looked after with sticky labels, skinny minis, and tag-mates. Mabel is also throwing in 2 free friendship bracelets with every order of this combo. Cool.

This limited edition set comes in new designs and motifs themed especially for camp. I have to say that Little Boo was particularly delighted that we received the campfire. He loves roasting marshmallows and staying up late by the fire at our friends' cottage. This brought back great memories for him, and he immediately demanded that I put these new labels in his spring shoes. No problem, kid!

Looking through the designs on the Mabel's website, I think I like the watery blue, maybe with the girl in the canoe. Looks like a fun day to me.

Little Boo is young for camp yet, but these labels are going in all his spring and summer gear nonetheless. Daycare will be impressed and he will be entertained with the great designs and colours.

Interested? You can get more information, see all the designs, and order your own pack here. Check it out :-)

Disclaimer: I received a free Camp Combo pack from Mabel's Labels to check out. But they didn't ask me to provide a review. I am doing that of my own accord. Because I truly love their labels, and I think these new designs in this new combination are super. There you go. Thanks Mabel!

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