Thursday, April 21, 2011

The School Art Show & Auction

Artwork by the JK/SK classes, based on the work of Eric Carle

Last night was the annual Art Show & Auction at Little Boo's school. He was pretty excited about it, and so was I actually. Since school is near work rather than home, we made a nice evening out of it and the three of us went for dinner beforehand. Little Boo even got a surprise ice cream sundae from our lovely server. 

The night was shaping up very well indeed.

Then he found his most favourite girlfriend when we got back to school, so he was all set.

This is the Parent Council's last big fundraiser of the year, and it was a great event.  There was a live auction of art pieces created by the different classes. Some of them were really stunning. I did bid on the one Little Boo's class did, though he claims he didn't contribute to it. Who knows! I was outbid anyway. I think that piece went for $60 or $70.  There was also a silent auction of various items donated by parents and local businesses. Hubs and I bid on a number of items, including a set of front row seats to the school's spring concert. Hot commodity!  We couldn't stay til the end, so I am just hoping for a call to let us know we won something :-) We did win a bottle of what looks to be really nice Greek olive oil at the mystery bottle table. For $7 (7 tickets) you got to select a wrapped bottle from the table. Could be wine, oil, vinegar, or water. Neat idea. All the bottles were presented in identical bottle gift bags- no squeezing allowed!

The Grade 8s were also fundraising for their class trip, so they set up a babysitting service - "The Changeroom Cinema" - where they screened movies for the little ones and charged a dollar for popcorn. Plus they had an art table where the kids could do painting on small artist boards for $2. Enterprising and useful!

The art show itself was great. Lots of works from the older kids showing a lot of talent. And, as there should be with any event as classy as an art show, there was wine! Yes, ladies and gentlemen, our Parents' Council knows how to do this right. A licensed event with wine and beer ($3 each!) Mommies and Daddies were very pleased. (There was food too - fruit kabobs and samosas and other things, but we had eaten so didn't pay much attention.)

I think Little Boo had a good time. He watched some of a movie, ran around and played with his friends, painted, giggled. We enjoyed catching up with some of the other parents and teachers and checking out the talent in the school. I'm glad we went. And I hope the event was a success from a fundraising standpoint. It's sad just how much money we as parents have to raise to keep our schools in supplies and good repair.

*Update: We won one of the pairs of front-row tickets to the spring concert. $30! A real steal :) 

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