Monday, May 23, 2011

Mommy Mondays - My (Near) Perfect Day

I treated myself on Friday. I think we all need to do that once in a while. I needed a break - mentally exhausted. And I was owed a day at work, so I took the day off and sent the kid to daycare.

I'm alone.


And what did I do with this day that was all about me? Did I sleep or clean or run errands? No. Not this time.

I booked a spa appointment at La Perla. Not quite as relaxing as it could have been - it was for waxing after all. Getting the lower regions ready for swimsuit season. But it's something I've been putting off and I felt great afterwards.

Then, I treated myself to lunch at Jack Astor's. On the patio no less! It was such a gorgeous day. Strawberry daquiri with sweet potato fries and a chicken quesadilla. My iPhone to keep me entertained while waiting, and no kids' menu in sight. Throw in a cute server and ... Heaven.

Next stop was the Petite Feet shoe sale. This was where the "near" perfect part came in. I tried on some really cute shoes, and settled on two pairs. But they take cash only (I'm sure I must have read this in one of the ads, but neglected to let it sink in). There was an ATM there, but my bank wasn't talking to it. So no shoes for me. Also, there was only one small rack in my size. Too bad I'm not a size 6 :-( But it was still fun, and a nice drive with the windows down. (They had sizes 5-10, but the vast majority of the stock was 6 or 6.5, with a bunch of 7.)

Quick stop at the McDonald's drive-thru for a $1 large iced coffee (yum!). Then back home for some gardening (after the sudden rain stopped). I picked up sushi for dinner from Niji since we were celebrating the Teen's birthday too. That was a hit that scored me points with the family.

At this point I was feeling a little tired, but so relaxed and happy. How did I end my wonderful day? Why, with my besties of course. Friday night is Girls' Wine Night around here. And this week? We had a hot tub party. Oh yeah. Snacks and wine and an outdoor hot tub. Divine!

The weekend has been pretty great since then as well - fab weather and lots of outdoor work. A birthday party (back in the hot tub). A trip to the garden centre. Time with my boys. May 2-4 delivered big time this year. Now I just have to mentally prepare myself for the reality of the office tomorrow. At least I'm going in really feeling great about myself and my life.

I hope your weekend has been just as good as mine!


  1. Those shoes are awesome! Just think that tomorrow will at least be Tuesday already! :)

  2. I really wanted to go back for the pink ones, but I got caught up in other stuff. Ah well. Practical they were not.

  3. Um... I want to come over for the hot tub party with snacks and wine! Sounds like a great day!


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