Monday, June 06, 2011

Healthy (ish) Choices

I don't know about you, but around here Saturdays can get pretty hectic. There's often a lot of running around and juggling schedules and sometimes some less than healthy eating. OK. Probably a lot of the times.

This past week was better than many, since we are down to only one lesson now for Little Boo. But we did have to fit in a quick lunch on the run between music lessons and a registered preview event at the Ontario Science Centre. There's a McDonald's right there, so I suggested that for lunch and got an immediate vote of approval. No surprise there.

Then the following conversation ensued.

Me: What kind of a Happy Meal do you want, honey? Grilled cheese, cheeseburger or chicken nuggets?
Him: Grilled Cheese. And don't forget my French fries.
Me: No problem, you always get those, they come with the meal.
Him: Are French fries good for you?

(Yup. The 5 year old asked that question. I wasn't about to lie to him.)

Me: Well, no, not particularly, but they're ok for a sometimes treat. They have apple slices too though if you'd rather.
Him: Apples are good for you, right?
Me: Yes they are.
Him: Ok then. Grilled cheese and apple slices please.

And there you have it. My Little Boo passed up French fries for apple slices because apples are the healthier choice. Wowza.  I am impressed.

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