Sunday, June 05, 2011

Mommy Mondays - Hear Me Roar

In the before time, when I was single, and owned my own 90 year old home, I was quite handy. I ripped down paneling and tore up layers of flooring. I hung shelves and medicine cabinets and blinds. I leveled appliances (and knew that was necessary). I painted. I even replaced light fixtures (much to my mother's dismay - she was sure I'd electrocute myself).

Then came the Hubs. And it was like I forgot how to do all these things. I relegated my cordless drill to the storage room and passed on all the handy stuff to him. I hang pictures, but that's about it. I barely even change a light bulb, let along hang a new fixture.

But then, last week, I found myself again. There were things that needed to be done and Hubs was having major back issues. So I grabbed the 18 volt drill and the insanely large assortment of bits, and went to work.

It all began because we lost the key to the padlock on our shed. You know, the shed where the lawnmower and Little Boo's bike live. Kinda needed to get in there. Hubs was going to buy a bolt cutter, but with his back out I went to Home Depot myself to investigate. I ignored all the teenagers working there and found myself a nice 50-something year-old man to seek his advice. And he said, why don't you just drill the mechanism out. Huh.

And so I did. It took me an hour, and I may have destroyed a drill bit, but I did it. I stood there with an 18 volt drill and some really sharp bits, and I remembered that I am handy and capable. I was covered with tiny shavings of copper that looked like fairy dust, and I drilled that $%#$&* padlock until it fell apart in my hands. And I felt great. And I didn't hurt myself.

And then, I realised that I didn't have to wait for Hubs to drill the holes I needed to hang my upside-down tomatoes. I just chose my bit (slightly smaller than the stem of the hook I needed to screw in) and I got a stool and I drilled those holes myself. And I screwed in the hooks and hung my plants, and it's been a week and they are still up there.


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  1. Anonymous5:53 am

    Good for you! I'm the handy one at our house so if I can't do it (or my dad), we hire. :(


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