Sunday, June 19, 2011


Something's happening in this house. Something that makes me a little sad, though it's perfectly normal and definitely a positive sign of appropriate maturing. My baby wants privacy.

At 5 years old suddenly he is closing the bathroom door when he goes pee. Yesterday he actually asked me to leave, "Because I need my privacy, Mommy." And when he gets dressed? He closes the door then too.  He's also taken to averting his eyes when I'm getting dressed, and he's left the bathroom and closed the door for me to do my thing.

Don't get too excited though. He will still ask me to help him get dressed. And he'll still run streaking through the house. But he's getting it now that our bodies and our bodily functions are private things and are to be protected.

We've always been pretty open about our bodies, and Hubs and I have never really worried about being naked or going to the bathroom in front of Little Boo. Probably because he was attached to my boobs for 16 months, it kind of seemed silly to fuss about nudity. That, and the fact that there was a long period between the baby bath and his being able to sit on his own in the big bathtub, where I had to get in with him. Yup. I got a bath with him every night for about 3 or 4 months. Craziness. And we have both showered with him at different times. Potty training was encouraged by letting him watch us do our business. All of this came naturally, but with a question mark too - for how long should we be this open with him? When will it get weird  or inappropriate?

Well, I think we have our answer now. For as long as he feels comfortable with it. I don't know why I worried.


  1. Wait until he's a teenager and you'll need to multiply that privacy factor by 1000.

  2. Tell me about it! The 16 year-old is so solitary and private it's scary. I kinda wonder if watching his big brother hide behind his closed door is what's behind this behaviour change in Little Boo.

  3. Well we are still at the "I don't care and I will tell that lady in the store that my butt is itchy" phase so I have ooooohhhh...a few years to go for that


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