Sunday, June 26, 2011


Sleep in til 9am. Read paper with a big coffee. Good start.
Feed child
Clean two bathrooms
Clean kitchen floor
Change kitty litter
Do two loads of laundry
Put out recycling and green bin
Swear while cleaning up green bin mess from %^&*% raccoons

12:00 noon
Shop at 12 different stores, only 3 of which were in the mall
Make purchases at all but 1
The LCBO was not that 1

5:00pm return home
Sort and deal with insane number of purchases
Drink beer presented by hubs (Good call, honey)

6:30pm re-heat leftover take-out for dinner
We're classy like that
Clean up from dinner
Re-wash kitchen floor
Wash child
Do another load of laundry

9:00pm put child to bed
9:15pm successfully stayed awake while putting child to bed

9:45pm blog it

I thought Sunday was supposed to be a day of rest??
Kinda looking forward to Monday at the office. There at least I just sit at the computer all day ....

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