Sunday, July 31, 2011

Flying High - Update

Anyone wondering how we made out on the plane? I guess I didn't do an update. Hmm.

Well, our trip started out kinda similar to our trip last year - just making it to the gate as they were starting pre-boarding. Except this year we were late because of traffic and long line-ups. Oh! And the fact that our freshly printed boarding passes had the wrong gate listed. Good times.

No car seat drama (a booster was waiting for us at our destination). And no bathroom concerns. 

But, after rushing through the airport right to the end of the terminal (again), we ended up sitting on the runway for half an hour. Someone had checked in her bag, but then didn't get on the plane. And they don't look on those situations lightly in this day and age. All the bags came off to find the one, and then had to be reloaded. Better safe than sorry.

Little Boo was an absolute angel on the flight, in spite of the delay. He only asked three times "how much longer," but it wasn't whiny, more to get his bearings. My favourite quote of the flight, "This is the best day of my life!" uttered when he realised he could reach the seat-back TV all by himself. Too funny! He watched  TV, I watched Water for Elephants (loved it!)  We ate, we chatted, we arrived. I survived.

And he flew off the escalator right into his Poppy's arms. Love!!!

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