Thursday, July 28, 2011

Flying High

Little Boo and I leave today for our vacation in Newfoundland. We will have 2 and a half weeks for him to spend with his grandparents, cousins and extended family. We will visit the ocean (many times), do a whale tour, see the Fluvarium and GeoCentre. We will go to Signal Hill and get some souvenirs and go to his favourite restaurant - Jungle Jim's.

Little Boo is crazy excited and desperate to get to the airport. He has already called Poppy once today. Packing has been brutal with his energy bouncing around.

But me? Have I told you how much I hate flying?  I'm not afraid. It's not that. I just hate flying. I hate how my body feels. The dehydration, the ears popping, the noise, the smells. I hate the airport and the line-ups and the stupidly stressful security checks. I hate the lack of edible food and how much the crap they sell costs.

I'm a mess. My stomach is in knots & I'm wound up like a top. I'm signing off now. Going dark until we land in St. John's. I'll take some Gravol, and probably have a drink to calm my nerves once we're in flight.

Pray for me that Little Boo cooperates on this flight and doesn't cause a fuss.

Talk to you soon!

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