Friday, August 19, 2011

The Kindness of Strangers

While I was on vacation last month something pretty special happened back home that gave me back some faith in humanity. I totally forgot to share it with you then, but was reminded today, so here goes. But first, the back story.

For the Teen's 14th birthday, we got him an entry-level iPod - the 1GB Shuffle.  We wanted to test him out with it, to see if he could be trusted with expensive electronics, and to make sure he'd really use it. He loved it. And he kept it safe for months. So, we upgraded him at Christmas that year, getting him the then new 16GB iPod Nano 5th generation, with video capabilities and all kinds of fun stuff.  I pre-ordered it direct from Apple. I was delighted to learn that Apple offered  two lines of free engraving, so I got his first name and our phone number added, just to be safe. At the very least it would make it easier for him to identify his own if his friends had a similar one. He and his Dad have had lots of bonding time over that thing and iTunes, updating and synching and sharing classic rock trivia. And the Teen has been schooling Hubs on modern metal (ugh).

Well, the Teen kept that iPod safe for a year and a half. Until this summer. (We're actually pretty impressed, don't misunderstand!) Then in July he left it on a ViaRail train, coming back from his grandparents' cottage. Yeah. We figured it was gone for good. It's not a bad little device.

But then a couple of nights later, Hubs got a call. Someone had picked up the iPod on that train (another Dad, btw), saw the engraving (thank you Apple!), and knew he had to get it returned to its rightful owner. Hubs met up with him and gratefully offered him a small monetary reward. Which this kind stranger refused to take. But Hubs convinced him - he was on his way to Taste of the Danforth with his kids after all, so Hubs told him to use it for treats for them.

The Teen and his iPod were reunited, and we all got a nice feeling inside. There are definitely lots of good people out there. We were lucky I guess that one of them was the person who found the lost iPod.  

Cheers to the kind stranger on the train!!

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  1. Oh thank goodness! Those things are a hot item. Kind of restores your faith in humanity eh?


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