Monday, August 08, 2011

My Home and Native Land

I love Newfoundland. I love it with all my heart and soul and energy. Living in Toronto the past 11 years, I miss it horribly. Not just my family, but the actual place. I miss the rocks and the ocean and the fresh air and the stunted trees.

But I do not miss the weather. The weather here stinks. Seriously the worst possible climate you could imagine. Winters don't get too cold, but they are very wet and windy and snowy and last way too long. Summers are short and cool, but pleasant while they last. Unfortunately this happens to be the worst summer in about 30 years. Yay me and my seriously indoor vacation. (And don't get me started on my arthritis.)

We've been here for 12 days. We have seen the sun exactly twice. Oh yeah. This has meant a lot of changes to our plans. Like cancelling our whale tour. Little Boo would have loved it (he's never been) but it is just too cold and miserable. We did enjoy our day at the Regatta, because I refused to let the weather stop that. But we were chilled to the bone and didn't stay nearly as long as we would have.

Then there was the Newfoundland and Labrador Folk Arts Festival, this past weekend. I was really looking forward to sharing that with Little Boo, letting him enjoy the music and the crowds, and dance in Bannerman Park. I made it down on Friday night and saw lots of friends and had a great time, in spite of the drizzle and eventual downpour. But then it got rained out for Saturday afternoon and ended up at an indoor venue. Just not the same thing.

Sigh. We haven't even been able to go into my grandfather's place to run around and visit the farm vehicles.

So, yes, I guess I am kinda whiny today, and full of complaints. We are trying to make the most of the time we have here, to do some indoor activities and to spend lots of time relaxing with family. I've just never been really very good at relaxing. Not my strong point. Newfoundland for me is about the outdoors and the fresh air and visiting Middle Cove Beach and Signal Hill and Witless Bay and the roar of the waves.

We've got another 6 days left, so we'll see how it goes. The forecast? Rain straight through. Ah well. There's food and drink and family and friends. And that's what really matters.

Time to go put the furnace on again ....

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