Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dear Parent ...

I've been fussing over a letter that came home from school on Friday. I probably shouldn't be, but there you have it. I'm a mom. It's my prerogative. Even though I have since talked to Little Boo's teacher and she told me this is nothing to worry about, I am still bothered.

I've written before about Little Boo's behavioural "challenges" and his probable ADHD diagnosis. I've mentioned that we started behavioural therapy. I may or may not have shared a particularly troublesome week we experienced towards the end of last school year. At any rate, I met with the school principal then and she spoke of starting this new school year with some contact with the school's social worker.

But I kinda forgot about it over the summer. It gives me a funny feeling in my stomach to think of my child needing the attention of a school social worker.

Well, the school "support team" is meeting next Tuesday, and one of the subjects is my special little guy. His teacher and the special education teacher will be there,as well as the social worker and potentially an educational psychologist and speech language therapist (they will at least have been consulted). We have been invited as well. We have the option of attending or not, or even the option to not allow them to discuss our child. I can't imagine turning down assistance like that, but to each his own. Needless to say, there is no way in heaven or hell that I would let them have this meeting without me being there. I am way too much of a control freak to not be present and listening and contributing. Hubs can't make it unfortunately.

So, I'm not sure what this will entail. Ms. P says this is a pretty standard discussion, and I should feel free to add any concerns or questions or observations I wish. It's about discussing Little Boo's behaviour, his academic/intellectual and social development, and figuring out if there's anything we should or could be doing to help him succeed.

Is he "gifted"? (I don't like that term.) ADHD? Somewhere on the edges of the autism spectrum? Just a quirky, stubborn, energetic kid? This meeting won't answer these questions. And I'm not sure how much any answers would really change anything anyway.  We're already working with him in a practical way to help him overcome his behavioural and social challenges. They might recommend some kind of psycho-educational assessment. They might not.  I really don't know. But I do get the feeling that his school cares and they are proactive and sensitive, and that they will work with us to find the best outcomes for our guy.  I hope.

Any experience out there? Have any of you, my wonderful readers, gone through this type of meeting? Insights welcome. A smack to knock me out of my fussing (not worry really) would be good too :-)

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  1. Oh lovely mom: I have been in so many of these meetings. Never pass up the opportunity to receive help. Good for you for going. I let all my dd's teachers/ principals know I will be at each meeting that is had regarding my child. This means a lot of time spent meeting about my special kids. My other tips are: you are the expert. Know it and go in as the expert on your child. Don't let them tell you what you truly in your gut know is untrue. Also go in well regulated. No tears. Professional all the way. Even if it means taking a friend or Husband. You have to be or they don't take you seriously. Don't be oppositional or confrontational. Listen. Ask questions. Take help if they offer and be part of the team for your child. Good luck! I am thinking of you.

    You will be great!


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