Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Saying Good-Bye

I wrote earlier about our kitty and how she suddenly became ill last week. Well, she came home from the hospital yesterday, but has stopped eating and drinking. Her breath is shallow and fast, she's starting to groan, and she can't use her hind legs. The vet says that last part is often a sign of stroke.

Whatever is happening, and whatever her specific ailment, our precious 13 year-old kitty has reached the end. Tonight will be melancholy as we spend our last hours with her and say good-bye. My BFF will come with me to the vet for the final time tomorrow morning, while Hubs brings the boys to school. We don't want her to suffer further.

I'll speak with the daycare before Little Boo arrives there, to let them know what's happening. They will support him with programming and will keep an eye on his reactions. The Teen, Hubs, and I will have a few rough days for sure, but we are better prepared to deal with this. Little Boo's 5 year old head and heart are quite different. I'm off to research some good resources we can use to help him.

My sweet Jezebel has been with me since 1999. Born in St. John's, NL, in September 1998, she has lived with me in 3 homes in 2 provinces. She reluctantly put up with the boy kitty I got for her special friend (he loves her, but it's not really reciprocated) and with the boy dog that the move to ON brought. She put up with the 5 year-old that came along with that move, and later, with the new baby we brought home when she was 8. Actually, she secretly loves them all, but she'd hate for you to know that. She's a mighty hunter, a true beauty, and a sweet friend. We will all miss her very much!

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