Sunday, September 04, 2011

Where Did the Summer Go?

Well, here we are at the Labour Day long weekend. The unofficial end to summer. Bummer. I know a lot of kids have gone back to school already, but here in Toronto school starts next week. So it feels like we should be doing something special with this last blast of freedom.

We decided to extend our long weekend, taking off Friday as well to go to the CNE. Neither hubs nor I are good with crowds, so we didn't want to face the CNE on its final weekend when the crowds are at their worst.  Do you know the CNE/The Ex/the Canadian National Exhibition? It is Canada's largest annual community event, currently in its 133rd year. Located on Toronto's lakeshore, The Ex takes place during the final three weeks of summer, leading up to Labour Day. There is a midway, rides for all ages, concerts, food, a farm building, a petting zoo, a large variety of shows (including the SuperDogs), and so much more. It's impossible to take in everything in just one visit. This is a Toronto institution and not to be missed!

The Teen is actually working at the CNE this year - his first job! He works on the shuttle trains announcing the stops. It was great to be able to meet him after work and go eat as a family of four. We did our traditional walk over to Ontario Place to eat at the Marina Grille. Then we all went back to the CNE for some more games and shopping. Oh. Have I mentioned the rain? We got totally drenched with a late afternoon set of rainshowers. But given how hot and humid it was all day, it wasn't actually a bad thing. Nine hours of walking, shopping, eating, and playing. Exhaustion in the best of ways!!

Today and yesterday have been pretty low key. I have a head cold, but I'm puttering around. This is my weekend to tie up loose ends, finish off some projects and prepare for the new routine of the school year.  Little Boo had a pajama day today. He curled up on the couch and watched his favourite animated series, Avatar - The Last Airbender, for hours. Then we played some Beyblades and did crafts. 

Since tomorrow is Labour Day Monday and the last day before he heads to Senior Kindergarten, I feel we should do something. If the weather cooperates, we'll head to the Toronto Zoo for a few hours of fun.  One last visit to the stingrays and sharks before they leave for the year. And definitely a stop to see the African penguins.

We've had a great summer. Lots of family outings, lots of sun and fresh air and BBQs. I've been keeping ticket stubs and wristbands from our adventures so that Little Boo and I can make a scrapbook. Maybe we'll fit in a little work on that tomorrow as well.

What about you? How are you spending the Labour Day weekend? I'd love to hear about your adventures and traditions too!

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