Tuesday, October 04, 2011

Disney Here We Come!!

It's a little bit exciting around here. We are all pretty stoked to head to Disney tomorrow. Bags are packed, electronics have been chosen, favourite stuffies have been added to the carry-on. The house and the kitty will be well tended.

Little Boo went to sleep pretty easily tonight, surprisingly. Or maybe not surprisingly. He may not like sleeping in, but he's a good sleeper. He was actually worried he might be too tired in the morning and would make us miss our plane. Poor kid. I reassured him I'd throw him bodily into the car in his jammies if necessary.

It's too bad the Teen didn't want to come with us. We think he would have had a great time, and Hubs would certainly like to have someone to experience the more adventurous rides with. But, what 16 year-old really wants to vacation with his parents and baby brother, right?

So, we're off in the morning. I'm not sure how much time I'll get for blogging or keeping in touch, but I have a couple of things on my plate so you may see me 'round. Otherwise, I go straight from Disney, to Blissdom Canada, to a Sunday filled with swim lessons and birthday parties, then back to work.

I'm exhausted already. But it'll be a good exhausted.

See you real soon!

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