Friday, October 21, 2011

Just Touching Base

I've been absent I know. There's been a lot going on. A fabulous family vacation at Disney World. Followed immediately by an awesome few days at Blissdom Canada. All combined with a brutal head and chest cold that has now developed into bronchitis.

There are about 5000 posts swirling around in my head that I want to write. Including a handful of reviews I owe. (sorry!) I'm planning to get back on track this weekend, and hope to become a writing wizard. But for now, I am really too sick to focus and form coherent interesting thoughts.

I've been fighting this illness. Trying to ignore it. I probably should have passed on Blissdom. I definitely pushed myself too far by staying at the costume party til it shut down. And then I spent the next day shuttling Little Boo to lessons and a birthday party. I took Monday to recover and then went back to work.  Through this I was also fretting about the mess of my house and unpacked bags from Disney, and unpacked SWAG from Blissdom and SCCTO. And dishes and laundry and everything. And kept pushing myself to clean up and tidy and go on as if everything were ok.

What a mistake.

Everything wasn't ok. I wasn't ok. But letting go is not my strong point. I think it's hard for any mom to give in and admit she needs a rest or a helping hand.

Well my body finally made the decision for me. I'm now on doctor's orders to rest and stay off work and let the house go to pot. Maybe if I'd taken better care of myself earlier it wouldn't have come to this.

Lesson to learn? Listen to your body. The world will go on without you. Your house may indeed fall to pieces, but somehow the family will survive. Let yourself take the rest you need when your body gives you the first hints. Don't be like me and wait until it's all progressed too far.

I'm going to go have some quiet time with my inhaler now. And a nap. Little Boo has the Wii to entertain him until Hubs gets home. And there's juice boxes and cheese strings within reach. Today, that's as good as it's gonna get around here.

Momma out.

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