Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Feminine Side May Be Lacking

I have been sick for just over two weeks now. I know I’ve let myself go. There has been no make-up since I left Blissdom Canada. (There were cameras there – I do have some standards.) I didn’t even wear any to work for the two days I was there last week. And I really can’t remember the last time I glanced at or cared about the state of my legs. I’m a mess.
Well today I decided that maybe I would feel a bit better if I took a proper shower and tended to some girlie items. So, after I applied a facial masque, I grabbed the Nair and began the attack.

I recommend this!
Holy crap. My legs were like a woolly mammoth! (Please note, only I am allowed to use the word “mammoth” in regards to any part of my body. Thank you.) I probably should have taken some before and after shots, but that may have scared some of you away. Let’s just say that the creamy white of the Nair provided a great contrast to my jet black forest of leg hair. Whoa.

Anyway, after the long, hot shower I now have silky smooth legs again. It’s kind of a miracle and it definitely improves my mood. But, after de-hairing, and masquing, and cleansing, and moisturising, I am done in.  A good puff on my inhaler, and now I think I’ll take a nap.

I do recommend a little at home pampering though, for any of you sick mommas out there. It may exhaust you, but it definitely will make you feel a little prettier and more human! I’m sure a more contented napping experience comes next.

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