Thursday, November 03, 2011

Agloves - Review & Giveaway

How did it get to be November already? Hallowe'en kinda snuck up on me, and now Christmas is looming ever closer. The days are growing shorter, and the weather is getting colder. It's going down to the freezing mark in Toronto tonight for heaven's sake.

And I'm still waiting to retire to south Florida. Yeah. Don't hold my breath.

One of the many problems I have with that "W" season is the many layers of bulky clothing I have to wear. It just all seems so inconvenient and time consuming and uncomfortable. And of course there is the biggest problem of them all - trying to tweet with my gloves on. (I mean, I know you all are just dying to hear my latest witticism. Or to see where I've FourSquared. I don't want to let you down.) Well, I have found my solution to that last problem at least.

I recently received a pair of the most amazing gloves to try out. These are "conductive gloves" knit with silver-coated nylon fibres. That silver fibre works to conduct the natural bioelectricity in your skin right on to your touch screen device. Yup. I can now tweet with gloves on. My iPhone and I are very happy.

Named Agloves after the elemental symbol for Silver (Ag), these gloves have been available for just over a year and are made in the USA, by a small company based in Colorado. I tried out the Sport model, which is new this year. This is apparently a stretchier & warmer glove than the original and has a more snug cuff to help keep the wind out and the warmth in. I had a couple of friends try these with me, and we all noticed a warming feeling when we put them on. I didn't know, but silver reflects heat and has natural thermal regulation properties, so it keeps heat inside the glove.

We tried these with iPhones and an iPad and had very little difficulty working the touch screen functions. It isn't exactly like bare fingers, but it is pretty amazing, and I was able to type fine on screen because the gloves are lightweight and snug-fitting. They are touch-screen compatible on all ten fingers, and work on all touchscreen devices.

Aglove Sport - Don't they look great?
These Agloves have been achieving great success internationally and officially launched in Europe this fall, with a Netherlands distribution centre. They were named “Top Winter Gadget of 2011” by PC Mag and were purchased by for the 2011 Winter X-Games. Pretty strong support there.

Agloves are available for purchase through the website. The original sells for $17.99 US, the Sport for $23.99. They do ship to Canada, but of course Canadian buyers will have to pay any duties on their end. These would be a great addition to your winter wardrobe if you are dependent on your touchscreen devices like I am. And they'd make a super gift at a reasonable price for the tech-savvy friend or family member on your holiday list.

Would you like to win a pair for yourself? Agloves has generously offered a pair for one lucky Raising My Boys reader. Please enter via the Rafflecopter widget below. Good luck!

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