Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas Cards

Do you give and receive Christmas cards each year? What do you do with the ones you receive? Do you read and file? Display them? Incorporate them into your overall Christmas decorating theme? My friend Jody, over at Mommy Moment posted about some of the creative solutions to displaying Christmas cards that she has found. I love the simplicity of her own display - using a wall in her kitchen and surrounding her family calendar with these festive cards and photos.

I used to display my cards hung on a string, with sparkly plastic clothespins. But a few years back I purchased a card wreath, that I hang over my fireplace. This is a great solution for me, as I have a small house and this allows me to display tons of cards in a very small space.  The end result is a really festive and colourful display. By Christmas Eve pretty much all the spaces will be taken up.

Here is last year's display:

Head on over to Mommy Moment and share your own Christmas card solutions and creativity! I'm looking forward to seeing more ideas.

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