Monday, December 19, 2011

DIY - Yule Log

When I was a girl, we often made a Yule Log as a Christmas craft at school. I though this year I'd introduce this festive craft to Little Boo.

What you will need:
A junk of wood
Cotton Balls
A can of fake snow
A candle
Pine cones/berries/various Christmas picks as you wish.
Sparkles are also good!

The egg nog is an added creative bonus

It's a good idea to place something under your craft if you are planning on making this on your hardwood floor.

First, glue a series of cotton balls all around the edges of the log. Then spray all over with a layer of canned snow. Ideally you would first drill a hole into the top of the log in which to place the candle. Or, use good glue and don't leave the lit candle unattended. (My fancy pine cone candle didn't lend itself to a drilled hole. I don't plan to light it.)

You will want to leave it to dry at this point. We left ours overnight. Once the "snow" is dry, add decorations (secure with glue) as desired, I like to use some Christmas picks from the craft store, making sure they have berries.

Display and enjoy!

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  1. Wow! This is gorgeous. What a neat idea!! Merry Christmas to you & your fam!!


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