Sunday, December 11, 2011

Santa Claus is Comng to Town!

And he's coming SOON! For my readers with small kids, who celebrate Christmas,  I just thought I'd share a few reminders and a couple of our favourite sites.

  • I hope your kids have written their letters to Santa by now. But, if not, they still have until Dec. 19 to send a letter and receive a response through Santa's volunteer postal elves. The letters are form letters with your child's name and Santa's signature hand-written in, but my 5 year-old still loves receiving one! Write to Santa Claus, North Pole, H0H 0H0 Canada. Don't forget your return address! Over 10,000 volunteer postal elves help out in Santa’s Post Office! Last year they answered over a million letters in 30 different languages, including Braille.
  • Visit Santa's Corner on the Canada Post website where you can send an email to Santa Claus, view videos of him reading some letters, and play some holiday-themed games.

  • Little Boo really looks forward to receiving a video message from Magic Santa. Mommies and Daddies can fill out a form with some information to ask Santa to send their little one a special video.These are very well done, and I am so glad I found them last year. Totally free, you will receive an email with a link to your child's personal video. Here is ours if you want to see.
  • Of course on Christmas Eve it is very important to keep track of the Jolly Old Elf on his travels. We wouldn't want to stay up too late and have him pass us by. Thanks to the folks at NORAD, we can watch as Santa travels around the world delivering presents. Both of our boys loved/love this site and it has become a Christmas Eve tradition for us. The site is up on the laptop all day and evening so we can check in periodically and make sure Santa's trip is going smoothly. The NORAD Tracks Santa site also has games and fun throughout the month of December.
  • Holiday family fun and silliness? Try JibJab for sending holiday e-cards. There are free and premium options for fun videos starring you and your family. You upload pictures and crop out the faces to place on the available characters. It's a little bit of nit-picky work but the site guides you through the steps. Choose your video, add your faces, and share a fun greeting with family friends! We did Feliz Navidad last year. (My favourite Christmas song!)

Canada Post has posted dates for sending parcels and cards for Christmas delivery. Parcels need to be sent by Dec. 12 if sending by the cheapest method (Regular Parcel). You have until Dec. 21 for ExpressPost. I mailed our parcel yesterday to family back home. The difference in cost was huge - $33 for Regular Parcel, $93 for ExpressPost and $130 or something for Next Day delivery. Ouch. I got in just under the wire.

Do you send Christmas cards? For local delivery these need to go by Dec. 19. It's Dec. 16 for in-province, and Dec. 15 for rest of Canada. I'm doing my cards this afternoon. I think the one going to Australia might make it for New Year's, but my friend won't be surprised at my lateness :-)

I'm writing this by the light of the Christmas tree, and am off to put another log on the fire now. More festive fun to come as Christmas draws closer. It truly is the most wonderful time of the year for me! Merry Merry!

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