Saturday, January 14, 2012

Dads & Boots

Yesterday Hubs picked up Little Boo from daycare before coming to get me at work. When they arrived I noted that my sweet 6 year old was wearing sneakers. In the snow.

Where the heck are his boots!? Oh, ok, there's boots there next to the seat. We'll live.

Oh look there are his snowpants. The ones that are supposed to stay at daycare. Ok. At least Hubs is trying. (Internal sigh.)

But when we got to our destination, that's when the trouble started.

Those aren't his boots.

Like, really. They're some other kid's boots. Some other kid who may be without boots now for the first fun, snowy weekend of the winter.


It was too late to go back to daycare. I crossed my fingers and prayed the boots were at least the right size, so the other kid could take our boots. Nope. No such luck. 3 sizes bigger. My stomach flipped.

"Hon, these aren't his boots."
"His boots are camo and match his coat."
"But they have his name inside, don't they?"

Mommy takes a look, and yes indeed, they have his name inside. On the tag, right next to the too-big size and the Made in China. His name is the STYLE NAME of the boot.

Pray for me.

I feel absolutely horrible about all this and really hope the true owner of these boots has a spare pair at home. Or maybe they planned to stay indoors by the fire all weekend. (We are in an extreme cold weather alert after all.)  Moral of the story - label your kids' stuff. And have a show and tell at the beginning of each season with other family members to make sure they can recognise the important pieces.

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