Monday, January 23, 2012

Minimize Monday - Decluttering My Life

The lovely Jody, over at Mommy Moment, is on a mission to de-clutter her life. She has declared each Monday "Minimize Monday" and will be updating us each week on her progress.
I happen to be on that same mission and have entered my major post-Christmas PURGE mode. So, I've decided to join Jody and will post on my purging efforts here each week.

For Week One, I am happy to report that I cleaned out the front closet and amassed a big pile of Little Boo's outgrown footwear, plus some old sneakers of mine, all in pretty great condition still.  These have gone to the Salvation Army Thrift Store down the road from us, so they can do some good for someone else.

Also, in the process of putting all of the Christmas decorations away, I cleared out a lot of old boxes from the crawlspace and sent those to recycling.  We have a bad pack-rat habit of accumulating cardboard boxes because "we might need them some day." Especially ones that look like they would make a good disguise for wrapping gifts.

They're gone!!!!

I feel lighter already.

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