Monday, January 30, 2012

Minimize Monday - Week 2

This weekend I tackled the cupboard under my kitchen sink. The main issue under there (other than dirt) was the insane number of bags. We almost always use reusable bags, so I honestly don't know how we manage to collect so many plastic and paper bags. But we do, and they all get stuffed in this cupboard.

Saturday I filled two big bags full and got them out of that cupboard, my house, and my life.

Doesn't this look lovely now? Can you picture how bad this was with all those extra bags stuffed in there? I did keep the bag container full, but I'm clamping down on the reusable bag use by my family to try to keep this under control. The little blue trash bin in there is for battery disposal, by the way. Dead batteries get collected in there to go to special battery recycling. I am lucky to have a drop-off point for these at my office!

I'm also getting rid of three old phones and a broken Tassimo. These were on their way to the crawlspace, "just in case," but I came to my senses. Phones are going to the Sally Ann. Tassimo is going to the trash.  Yes, I could try to have it fixed, and perhaps this is not the best environmental decision. But it was the right one for me just now.

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