Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Review - Juicy Fruit Desserts

I am not a big chewer of gum, and when I do partake I generally look for something minty, usually to cover up something I ate for my lunch. But I agreed to try the new Juicy Fruit Desserts gum when the offer came, because I know the Teen enjoys gum, and all the boys in my family like the original Juicy Fruit flavour.

This gum comes in three flavours - Orange Creme Pop, Strawberry Shortcake, and Apple Pie. They all taste amazingly dessert-like, with truly long-lasting flavour. I popped in a stick of Orange Creme Pop before a drive to my mother-in-laws, and over half an hour later there was still good flavour. This gum tastes much like a creamsicle.  The Teen's favourite is the Apple Pie. You could see the shock on his face when he found he was really enjoying it, and it really does have the apple, cinnamon and even a hint of pastry taste! I think he had low expectations going in. The Strawberry Shortcake is probably the least favourite around here, though Little Boo does like it. It's a bit sweeter tasting than the others, but still good.

I think this gum could be a good choice for a quick sweet fix for anyone with a sweet tooth, but trying to watch their sugar and calorie intake. The sweet flavour should serve to quench late afternoon sugar cravings.

Overall, I am impressed, though I probably shouldn't be surprised at the quality of this gum, seeing as it is from Wrigley's and part of the trusted brand Juicy Fruit. These new flavours don't disappoint.

You can visit Juicy Fruit on their Facebook page.

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