Saturday, January 21, 2012

Six Year Olds RAWK!

I left Little Boo eating his cereal and watching TV, to go get my shower.
When I came out, he had put his bowl and spoon in the dishwasher, turned off the TV, and was happily playing a video game downstairs. Which he set up himself.

He made his bed this morning too. I didn't ask him to do any of this. I'm pretty impressed.

We're working on his coffee making skills too (first Tassimo lesson was this morning). But overall I am totally stoked and proud of him for how independent he's becoming. He wants to be helpful and do his part around the house, and, what's even better, at six he is skilled enough to complete tasks well, without making more work for me.

I think it's easy to sometimes forget that our little kids are growing up, learning new things, and becoming more and more competent. I need to remind myself to let go and allow him the space to do these "chores" on his own, in his own way.

The more he does, the more he learns. He feels his own competency, and that makes him proud of himself and encourages his self-confidence. Decreasing my workload is just a side benefit.

What chores do your kids do? At what age did you start assigning chores or responsibilities to them?

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