Monday, January 30, 2012

Welcome Ms. Brown! #BrownIsComing

Like my Ms Brown eyeglasses?
Do I look as classy as she does?
So, did you catch the big reveal on Facebook this afternoon? After some brief technical difficulties, the feed came through about 3:20pm. It was pretty cool to see the one and only Neil Patrick Harris introduce Ms. Brown to the world.

And did you notice her football shaped stage?  An homage to her official TV debut to come this Sunday during the Superbowl I would imagine. I am guessing that we in Canada will have to wait until Monday to check out the commercial.
Looking pretty good for a gal 70+ don't you think?

Ms. Brown sent along this special autographed picture for us as a thank you for our interest in her reveal. What do you think?

Of course, the other big thank you is the M&Ms gift basket, valued at approximately $90. I consulted Rafflecopter this morning and am happy to announce the lucky winner - Karin D!! (entry #170) Karin and I have been in touch, and her basket of goodies will be on its way soon. Thanks to all who entered!

One Sweet Reveal: Actor Neil Patrick Harris rallies fans during the unveiling of a 20-foot statue featuring the first image of the sixth M&M'S character, Ms. Brown, at The Grove in Los Angeles, Monday Jan. 30, 2012. The statue had been hidden for the past six days while fans from coast to coast counted down to the statues unveiling. (Casey Rodgers / AP Images for Mars Chocolate NA)

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