Sunday, February 26, 2012

#EqualCanada at Walmart. Or not.

This weekend I took on another challenge from Collective Bias - continuing to seek out Equal artificial sweeteners. This time I was on the hunt for the Equal Sucralose granulated, in the big yellow canister. This was supposed to be on roll-back for $7.97, down from $9.97. This would be great for baking substitutions as it measures cup for cup with sugar and stands up to high temperatures. Plus the rectangular container with a snap-on lid makes for easy storage.
But WalMart didn't have it.

I looked through the WalMart weekly flyer, but didn't see the Equal roll-back advertised. No worries. I'll head to the store and seek it out.  I decided that since it was Saturday afternoon, I would head to the WalMart at the mall, rather than the Super Centre I would normally hit. The Super Centre is always crazy busy on the weekends, and they are famous for not having enough cashiers on to meet the customer demand. I do shop there, but only later at night. (Their late hours are fantastic!)

I had checked my list earlier in the day, and made sure to add a couple of new items I'd found we needed. This list sits on our fridge for easy updates as we realise something is missing, or we use the last of something.

water at the ready - must stay hydrated!

Well, when I went later to grab the list to take with me, SOMEONE (Hubs) had added another item. Yeah.

Well, to make a long story short, this WalMart not only did not have the Equal Sucralose canister, it had no Equal at all. Nada. I did speak with a manager and asked about Equal. He seemed rather unconcerned that they had none. He indicated they "don't carry much" of it, but I couldn't even find a tag on the shelves to indicate they ever brought it in. I had an eye out for this canister at a couple of grocery stores I visited over the weekend, but no luck. I will check out the big WalMart Super Centre one night this week.

To check out some recipes designed for Equal sweeteners, you can visit the Equal Canada website.

For more information on the Equal line of sweeteners, you can visit the #EqualCanada website, @EqualCanada twitter page and Equal Canada on Facebook

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias. #CBias All opinions expressed are my own.

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