Monday, February 20, 2012

It's Here!

Lovely cup for 2012
I may have mentioned once (or a thousand times) how much I love and rely on coffee. It truly fuels my sleep-deprived days. I guess I have a caffeine addiction, and I know that my family has figured out they need to stay out of my way each morning until after my first cup. And my favourite coffee? Tim Horton's. By a long shot. I am a true Canadian girl, dedicated to my true Canadian brew.

And each year, the coming of spring is marked by the return of my favourite contest - Rrroll Up the Rim. Today's the day, my friends. Rims are ready to be rolled. Naturally, I made sure to pick up a cup on the first day. And guess what?! I won! Just a doughnut, of course, not the car. But a win nonetheless.

See? Un Beigne!

With the change in cup size names and intro of the new extra large, I know some folks were worried about which sizes would be included in the contest this year. Well, the news is good - prizes start with the new size small (old medium) - just like before. From free coffees, to camping packages to 40 Toyota Camry Hybrids, there are great prizes from the cups.

You can also play the online Rrroll Up Roulette game daily for chances to win $25 Timcards or Panasonic 3D TVs.

To make your rolling more entertaining, you can try a Rim Roller. Someone had to come up with this idea, and I'm glad they did. I use mine proudly each time.

Made in Canada, eh
 Good luck! Happy rrrolling!

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