Saturday, February 18, 2012

March Break and the Working Mom #KinderMom

There is a week each spring that all Canadian school kids look forward to with great anticipation - March Break. A joyous week of no school. Seems to get them pretty excited.

But, since I work outside the home full time, Little Boo is in daycare when he's not in school. So, March Break for us is still kind of a vague notion. For him, it means essentially day camp, with extra planned activities in the daycare since the kids are with them for the full day. I haven't seen the schedule for this year, but they usually have at least one field trip and often a visiting entertainment, like a science group, or someone who brings in neat animals.

There was a time, when the Teen was too old for daycare, but not old enough to stay home all day alone, when we took time off work and made fun plans for March Break. But now he's too old to want to play with us :) It's sad how fast they grow.

In any case, March Break for us is spent close to home, enjoying local sites and attractions when we can. We generally try to take one day off work to do something special.

Gorilla baby at the Toronto Zoo

We are members of the Toronto Zoo, so that is always a good option. Since it's wide open spaces, the crowds that naturally develop during school vacations are still quite manageable. And you can always duck into one of the heated pavilions to warm up and catch some more warm-weather animal friends. We love visiting the animals, plus the walking in the fresh air is great exercise.

Boiling down the sap into syrup

Perhaps our favourite March Break activity is the Sugarbush Maple Syrup Festival. We are only about 20 minutes away from Bruce's Mill Conservation Area, so we try to get to that location each year. It's a learning activity, as the kids find out all about maple syrup production and how it has changed over the centuries. They have a guided walk, or you can go through the forest trail on your own and read the interpretive signs at your leisure. There is a sampling station where you can try out their maple syrup for yourself, and of course a gift shop on the way out. We always stock up on a big can of Ontario maple syrup before we leave. With wagon rides, a petting zoo, pony rides, pancake lunches, and, again, lots of fresh air, this is a super day out for the family.

I think March Break is the perfect time to get out in your own city and discover what there is to entertain your family. The cost of travel goes up at this time of year, since so many families want to head south. Why not stay local and discover some new finds?

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  1. Ah the sugar bush! Forgot about that idea. Love to do that.


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