Monday, February 27, 2012

Minimize Monday - I'm on Fire!

Jody, be prepared to get jealous! I did good this weekend!

Too small clothes; a fabulous, but too small, beaver costume; a complete crib set with mobile, wall hooks and growth chart to match; books; diaper bag; old and expired car seat.
What else did I find? Boxes. Small, empty boxes that once held shower gifts - frames, photo albums, etc. Why did I think I needed to save those?? I found them on the shelf in Little Boo's closet, behind the diaper bag. There were also wipes containers. Again, why??  Into the recycling with you! I also threw out some old ratty blankets and towels, but I stopped taking pictures at some point. The Hot Wheels box is from Christmas. We just finally put the wall tracks together yesterday and out the box goes.

The old car seat went in the trash, since it's expired. Along with it went the padding for a stroller that we threw out two or three years ago. (What?!)

Useful items made a trip to Once Upon a Child (along with the toys from a week or two ago, that have been sitting in the back of the van). I got $49.62 from them! Anything they didn't take went to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop. Except for the crib set. Apparently they don't take bedding, so I took that all back and will put it up on Craigslist and/or Kijiji and/or UsedToronto.

One thing I did find up on that shelf that will not be leaving this house?
That, my friends, is a box of notes. Notes that were slipped to me in classes back in the mid-80s, in high school. Yes, I kept them. And today I found out that another friend recently liberated her collection of notes from her father's home. This. This could get good .....
Perhaps there is an upside to being a pack rat after all.

Did you lighten your house of unnecessary clutter this week? I'd love to hear about it! And if you've blogged it, why not head over to Mommy Moment and link up your post so we can all pat each other on the back and keep ourselves motivated :)

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