Monday, February 13, 2012

Minimize Monday - Week 4 - Toys

Monday! Time to brag about what I purged last week (which means over the weekend in my house - it's the only big task time I can find). This week I finally made a dent in the masses of outgrown toys we have sitting around.

There were broken toys that were only good for the trash. Not many though, which is good. The bin is going as well. The cover was broken in about 5 pieces.

There were toys with life still left in them, that just need a good home. The lower box went to charity. The top box will go to Once Upon a Child. Whatever they don't buy will go to charity as well. What they do buy will generate a few dollars to go into the new toy fund. Or the pedicure for Mommy fund. One or the other.

And, finally, there is a box of items that were missing some parts or instruction booklets. Once I find those, these will be gone. Pablo, Ming Ming and Elmo are still on the unsure list. They were so special to Little Boo I am considering saving them. But I think common sense will win out and they will head to OUAC with the other box.

The vetting of old toys is always difficult for my kids. But I make sure to talk with them about how they are very lucky to have so many great toys, plus the ability to get more. Not all kids are so lucky, so it's good for us to pass along toys to them once we're done playing with them. The Teen inherited pack rat sensibilities from Hubs, so it was really difficult with him. I've been trying to groom Little Boo since toddler-hood, so we'll see how it goes!

Did you remove any clutter or unneeded items from your life this week? I'd love to hear about how you are lightening your load. And if you've blogged about it, head on over to Mommy Moment and link up your post for us all to share!

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