Sunday, February 05, 2012

Minimize Mondays - Week 3

Well, other than a couple of loads of recycling and the contents of the green bin, I really didn't get rid of anything this week. I had planned to go through three bins of old toys and determine which ones to pack away as keepsakes, which would go to charity, and which I'd try to sell at Once Upon a Child. But it didn't happen. The bins are sadly still full and still under my roof.  I thought I should come clean about that and maybe that will motivate me to try harder next week.

But what I did do instead was chill out and spend lots of quality time with the family. Hubs and I introduced Little Boo to the Harry Potter series on Saturday afternoon. We just got the collection on Blu Ray, and we started Little Boo out with #1 The Philosopher's Stone. And he loved it. And we all loved just chilling on the couch on a Saturday afternoon. Which is a nice change from our usually hectic weekends.

So maybe what I got rid of this week was a little bit of mommy guilt :)

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